Friday May 17, 2019 The Daily Drift

No Obstruction Here

AG Barr says its up to Mueller if he wants to testify? Click Here for Story and Video

Whitmer Approves Further Delay In Watered-Down Teacher Ratings

Public school establishment resists accountability

No-Fault Reform Plans Will Save Drivers Money

Both Senate and House bills empower Michigan drivers to reduce their insurance premiums

Hardball’s Matthews Finally Gets It Right?

Says Trump is winning and Pelosi is scared Click Here for Details

Sure Fire Loser

DeBlasio throws his hat in ring for Presidency Click Here for Story

Tories May Get New Leader?

Boris Johnson may seek leadership of British Tories Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

News on the cancer cure fight Click Here for Story

Baby Killer?

 AOC says women’s right to abortion more important than life of a child? Click Here for Details

Blame Game Begins

Comey, Clapper, BrennanClapper and Comey begin pointing fingers Click Here for Details

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