Friday May 2, 2014

Are Toll Roads Coming?

Will legislature put tolls on roads you already paid for? Click Here for Story

Which Michigan School Districts Pay The Most?

No correlation between teacher salaries and student results

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The average teacher salary in Michigan’s top 10 highest paying districts for 2013 was over $81,000 per year. But there appears to be no correlation between higher paid educators and student outcomes. … more

How to Pass a Detroit Bailout the Majority Party Opposes

By Jack McHugh |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Almost all Republicans — including those who may have voted to remove a Detroit bailout from the budget — will probably have to vote “yes” on a budget that includes the bailout, or else the state government would shut down come Oct. 1. But at least they could claim to have voted against a bailout (before voting for it). … more


  Veterans Admin purged 1.5 million unfinished medical orders Click Here for Details

Captain America: Whiner Soldier

By Michael Goodell

Considering he’s the most timorous and geopolitically unformed President since Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama is remarkably prolific when it comes to slaughtering straw men. Take for example his recent press conference hissy fit in Malaysia. Or it may have been a calculated outburst, it’s hard to tell with this guy. Ostensibly a defense of his nuanced, highly sophisticated foreign policy, by the time Obama… Click Here for More

How’d They Do That?

  New theory on how Egyptians moved stones for pyramids Click Here for Story

Democrats Running Against the Koch Brothers

Dems trying to find someone to demonize for the 2014 election Click Here for Details

Major Terrorism in China

  Latest attack kills 3 injures 79 Click Here for Story

Another Hate Crime?

   Will this be ignored by DOJ too? Click Here for Details

Terrible Government Abuse

US citizens being abused by federal agencies Click Here for Story

More Benghazi Evidence

Intel official testifies ” we should have tried to help” Click Here for Details

When Will They Come For You?

The exterior of the U.S. Supreme Court is seen in Washington (Reuters / Gary Cameron)  SCOTUS upholds NDAA indefinite detention of US citizens Click Here for Story

Go Figure

New poll says most Americans don’t believe Obamacare numbers Click Here for Details

Obamacare Enrollees NOT Paying Premiums

Admin claims victory from enrollees who don’t pay? Click Here for Story




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