Friday May 3, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Religious Freedom

US prays more daily than many other 1st world countries Click Here for Details

Open Border Bush

Jeb defends Sanctuary cities Click Here for Story

Bills Make Criminal Record Less A Bar To Occupational Licenses

‘An important step towards reducing crime and enhancing public safety,’ one advocate says

Michigan Legislature Passes Bills Requiring a Criminal Conviction for Forfeiture

The bills had an overwhelming amount of bipartisan support

Battle Barr

AG ready to throw down with Congressional Democrats Click Here for Story

Baseless Nancy

DOJ hits back at Pelosi for attacks on the AG Click Here for Details

MSM Wants to Pick the Next President

Time pushing Buttigieg Click Here for Story

Ilhan Wants To Blame America

Another blame America first Democrats says the US is to blame for Venezuela’s Socialist failure Click Here for Details

Kids At the Border

Child Trafficking and the rent a kid situation Click Here for Story

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