Friday May 30, 2014

New Charter School in Pinckney?

The way ahead in education Click Here for Story

Band Wagon of Dis-Information

Scio Township follows Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County with resolutions opposing oil drilling based on misinformation and fear Click Here for Details

Right-to-Work States Dominating In Job Growth

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Since 1990, nearly all of the top 10 states for job growth are right-to-work states, while nearly all of the 10 states with the least amount of job growth are non-right-to-work states. More broadly, 18 out of the 25 states with the fastest employment growth are right-to-work states while 19 of the 25 states with the slowest growth are non-right-to-work states. … more

Policy and Politics Just Part of the Action on Mackinac Island

A political operative is escorted out of an event and an expert calls for end of the ‘labor model’ in education

By Manny Lopez | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

MACKINAC ISLAND — The Detroit Regional Chamber’s annual policy conference here doesn’t lack for interest and intrigue, but it usually happens on the sidelines. … more

The Obama Economy

  New EPA rules will cost the economy $50 billion dollars Click Here for Details

Bashing Obama’s West Point Speech

 Veteran Montel Williams lashes out at Obama Click Here for Story

What Recovery?

  Economy shrinks 1% in first quarter Click Here for Details

Using the Military Against Civilians?

Memo shows a troubling direction of the governmentr Click Here for Story

Its Bilderberg Time

   Annual big wig conference stokes controversy and conspiracy Click Here for Details

Watch The Difference Between Obama and Bush at West Point Graduation

  Videos of the audience reaction Click Here for Story

Huff and Puff

Climate warnings about flooding national lamdmarks are overblown? Click Here for Story

Attempted Islamist Takeover of British School was Forewarned

  Teacher warned British Education Dept. 4 years ago Click Here for Details


Thousands of illegal immigrant children pouring across border Click Here for Story


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