Friday May 4, 2018

Voters Know…

Economy will decide 2018 election  Click Here for Details and Video

Yea…About That Global Warming

Some Michigan beaches could see icebergs this summer? Click Here for Story

State Sen. Coleman Young II, D-Detroit, claimed in an April 17 op-ed published by the Traverse City Record-Eagle that more people in Michigan have fallen into poverty during the tenure of Gov. Rick Snyder.… more

Political Divide

Beck explains why America is getting more divided Click Here for Story

Historic Legal Clash

Mueller subpoena of Trump could spark historic legal clashMueller subpoena of sitting President would be epic battle Click Here for Details

Comey On the Stand

Giuliani says they’d rip James Comey apart on the stand Click Here for Story and Video

From the Science Side…

The study has provoked fierce debate among scientists Cell Phones causing brain tumors? Click Here for Details

Kanye Affects Presidents Approval Ratings

Surge in approval for Trump among black males Click Here for Story

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