Friday May 6, 2017

Detroit Schools Bailout

Whose pressuring who? Click Here for Details

House Dems to Detroit Parents: No New Charter Schools For You

  In the debate about a state bailout for the Detroit school district, the greatest divide may be the future of charter schools in the city. … more

Detroit Public Schools Debt Largely Not Supported By Additional Taxpayer Dollars

  Despite what many politicians are saying, Michigan taxpayers aren’t responsible for much of Detroit Public Schools’ debt. … more

Bayonetting the Wounded

What the Progressives are doing to themselves Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

Why Trump Will Win

 Unions will swing with Trump Click Here for Details

Let the Gun  Grabbing Begin

Obama’s Social Security Admin looks to take away recipients guns Click Here for Details

Hypocritical Businesses

LGBT can be as big a hypocrites as anyone Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

The VP Guessing Game

Top 10 guesses at who Donald might pick Click Here for Story

Obama’s War

  US Soldiers without guns Click Here for Details and Video

London Goes Islamic

Khan, Britain's Labour Party candidate for Mayor of London and his wife Saadiya leave after casting their votes for the London mayoral elections With skyrocketing Muslim population London gets its first Muslim Mayor Click Here for Story

America First is a Strong Message

Trump has a resonating message Click Here for Details

About That Bathroom Thing…

Texas AG asks Target how it will protect women in bathrooms with transgender rule Click Here for Story

How Many?

Immigration Protest Illegal Immigrants Deportation Ex-President of Mexico has no idea how many Mexicans may be living in the US Click Here for Details


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