Friday November 14, 2014

Freshman Class

Congressman Mike Bishop starting new job Click Here for Story

Michigan Chamber CEO Blasts Film Subsidies as a ‘Boondoggle’

Bill extends subsidies indefinitely

Michigan Chamber of Commerce CEO Rich Studley told a House committee, “If the Michigan film subsidies were a movie it would be on the list of the 10 worst ever seen, right along with ‘Ishtar.’ ” … more

Michigan Should Lower Personal Income Tax Rate in 2015

State can afford to cut residents a break

In 2007, Michigan’s Legislature and governor hiked the state’s individual income tax, extracting more from a struggling private sector in order to avoid government spending cuts. Now is the time to revisit that decision. Tax revenues have grown, the budget is balanced, and this state can afford to be less of a burden on its residents. … more

Obama Ready to Ruin America

   Unveils his plans to let illegals stay and take jobs Click Here for Details

Liar, Liar

      Pelosi caught lying about knowing Jonathan Gruber Click Here for Story

And it Just Keeps Coming from Gruber

4th Video surfaces Click Here for Details

Obama’s Purge Continues?

More military being replaced by Obama Admin? Click Here for Details

Democrats Want Even MORE Illegals to Stay

Juan Vargas   Obama isn’t going far enough for Democrats Click Here for Story

Illegals Will Flood Obamacare

Parents of recent illegal children will also be welcome Click Here for Details

Epic Fail

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Reuters/Reuters TV)   US failed to kill ISIS leader Click Here for Details

CAIR is at it Again

Accuses University of Bigotry Click Here for Story



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