Friday November 2, 2018

Enemy of the People

Trump attacks on Media resonate with Americans Click Here for Details

Charter Schools ‘Unregulated?’ Only If You Ignore All Those Rules

New York nonprofit gets the anti-charter buzzwords right, misses the real story

Let Markets and Innovation Drive Energy Efficiency

It matters how we get there

Bad Beto

What you need to know about Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke Click Here for Story and Video

POTUS Talk Trade with China

Can tariff issue be resolved? Click Here for Details

Intentional Mislead or Accurate?

Cook report calls for Blue wave despite GOP lead in advance voting? Click Here for Story

Facts Matter

Islamic terrorists account for 84% of terror attacks Click Here for Details

Another Reason for the Wall

Strong southern border can help the Opioid Crisis Click Here for Story

Another Reason to Vote Republican

Stock Market nervous that Dems could take back the House Click Here for Details


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