Friday November 22, 2013

 A2 Mulls Riverfront Changes

Tunnel under the railroad at Huron River Click Here for Details

Fantasy of Lights

Light festival preparations underway Click Here for Story

Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency

House Democrats call for scrutiny of corporate welfare programs; accountability for tax dollars

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

House Democrats say that Michigan taxpayers have the right to find out whether the MEDC is spending their money wisely or wasting it. Earlier this month, they started publicly pressing for the House Commerce Committee to put some real teeth into legislation (House Bill 4480), which is supposed to make the MEDC more transparent. … more

A Tax Hike Al Capone Could Have Loved

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Cigarette smuggling is already rampant in the United States. And if a tax increase plan in Chicago is approved, it would likely increase smuggling and other unintended consequences in

Time to Pull Out

  When Afghanistan’s President says he doesn’t trust the country that delivered him from the evil Taliban, its time to leave and give NO aid Click Here for Details

System Run Amok

Hospital kidnaps child from parents Click Here for Story

Desperate Democrats

   Senator “Dirty Harry” Reid forges ahead with nuclear option in the Senate to push Obama agenda Click Here for Details

Harry the Hypocrite

Dirty Harry fought against nuclear option when he was in the Minority Click Here for Video

Obama’s Medal of Freedom Recipients

Are they qualified to receive? Click Here for Story

The Second Wave

   50 to 100 million may lose health plans Click Here for Details

Debt-Maker in Chief

Obama runs Disability Trust Fund into Deficit 5 years in a row Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Bill and Melinda Gates want stronger lighter…condoms? Click Here for Details

Russia Extorts Ukrainian Trade?

  Threats keep Ukrain from engaging in trade pacts with the EU Click Here for Story

Knockout Game a Loser for One Teen

CPL holder turns tables on teen trying to knock him out Click Here for Video and Story

California Says NO to Anther Obamacare Provision

Getting free care after not paying does not sit well with California Legislature Click Here for Details





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