Friday November 30, 2018

What Does Cohen Contribute

Cohen and Mueller reach new plea deal but does it have anything to contribute to the Collusion allegations? Click Here for Story

Jeep’s New Pickup

The “Gladiator” will be out for 2020? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Highest Paid Public School Servants

Who says public service can’t be rewarding?

Donors To Politically Sensitive Groups Protected By Privacy Bill

 Personal info on contributors to nonprofits would not be posted on government databases

No Direct Connection

Secretary Pompeo says there is still no evidence of a direct connection between crown Prince and Khashoggi murder Click Here for Story

Caravan of Disease?

One-third of migrant caravan at border receiving treatment for serious health problems1/3 of caravan members being treated for serious sicknesses Click Here for Story and Video Meeting at G20 in Argentina

POTUS Cancels Putin Meeting

Meeting at G20 in Argentina gets canceled Click Here for Details and Video

Much Ado About Nothing

Firing Mueller would NOT be an impeachable offense Click Here for Story and Video

Democrat Hypocrisy on Immigration

Senator Kennedy unloads on blatant hypocrisy over the immigration issue Click Here for Details and Video

Italy Backs Out

ROME, ITALY - JUNE 01: Labor and Industry and Deputy PM Luigi Di Maio and Interior Minister and Deputy PM Matteo Salvini attend the swearing in ceremony of the new government led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at Palazzo del Quirinale on June 1, 2018 in Rome, Italy. Law professor …UN migration plan gets another set back Click Here for Story

 Voter Suppression Nonsense

Despite sour grapes from Democrats and blames of voter suppression more people voted in Georgia election Click Here for Story



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