Friday November 9, 2018

Shooter Identified in Thousand Oaks Massacre

13 dead including the shooter and a responding deputy Click Here for Story

RBG Hospitalized

Fall send Justice to the hospital Click Here for Details

Teachers Union Could Face Millions In Clawback Payments To Workers

Federal class-action lawsuit contends compulsory fee payments violated government workers’ free speech

Long Overdue

Acosta’s removal of press credentials are long past due Click Here for Story

New Attorney General?

Chris Christie being considered as next attorney general: reportsIs Chris Christie in the running for AG replacement Click Here for Details

Compromise on the Horizon?

 POTUS signals he could work with Democrats Click Here for Details

Voter Fraud Verified

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas released undercover video Tuesday of a Texas poll worker admitting  that "tons" of non-citizens are being allowed to vote. Texas poll worker admits lots of non citizens voting Click Here for Story and Video

Going Too Far

Mobs assault Tucker Carlson’s home Click Here for Details

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