Friday October 19, 2018

POTUS Orders Cabinet to Make Budget Cuts

POTUS gives 5% reduction order to Secretaries at Cabinet meeting Click Here for Story

Give Saudis More Time?

Pompeo tells POTUS to give Saudis a bit more time on Khashoggi murder? Click Here for Details

Democrats Want Non-Citizens to Vote

Texas Democrats sending voter registration to immigrants Click Here for Story

Who Pays If 17-Year-Old Offenders No Longer Jailed With Adults?

Juvenile justice programs cost more than adult prisons

Unintended Consequences When Employers Can’t Ask About Felonies

Study finds in some labor markets ‘Ban the Box’ lowers young black and Hispanic men’s prospects

What The?… China to Launch Fake Moon?

This sounds like trouble Click Here for Details

Democrats Pushing more Conflict

You won’t believe what Professor tells protesters to do Click Here for Story

POTUS to Secure Border

President warns of closing border due to migrant caravan Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

US Steel workers get largest increase in years Click Here for Details







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