Friday October 25, 2013

What the…?

Appeals Court says a for-profit business cannot exercise freedom of religion? Click Here for Details

Eating Their Young

  Unions boycott student teachers Click Here for Details

Expert: Higher Education Bubble Is Coming and States Better Prepare

Richard Vedder: ‘The big losers in this are poor people’

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michgan Capitol Confiential

LANSING – In the next decade, potentially hundreds of colleges will go out of business as their prices push families away from traditional universities, said an expert on higher education. … more

 College Not the Only Way

  Success isn’t assured by a college education Click Here for Details

Making the Cuts

Pinckney Schools looks to solve financial dilemma Click Here for Story

Benefits in Balance: Benchmarking Public Sector Employee Benefits in Michigan

A video reportA new Mackinac Center for Public Policy study, “Benefits in Balance: Benchmarking Public Sector Employee Benefits in Michigan,” shows that public sector employee benefits in Michigan exceed the averages reported in the private sector by $5.8 billion annually. … more

Now It’s OK to Delay?

Just a Week After Saying NO to the GOP on Delaying Obamacare the President now says he’ll delay Obamacare Click Here for Details

More Teaching Union Shenanigans

  Teacher’s Union fights to keep sex offenders in the classroom Click Here for Story

The Tragedy of Detroit: “It Didn’t Have to Be This Way”

Play Video Below

 Administration of Lies

Obama Admin admits to false accusation against GOP Click Here for Details

Vote for This Woman …Get This Man

George Soros funding Hillary Super Pac Click Here for Story

High Cost of the Welfare State

  Trillions spent on welfare and we ahve more poor than ever Click Here for Details

The Opposite Effect

Obamacare causing more people to lose coverage Click Here for Story

CareFirst Dumps 76,000 Customers

Another provider dumps customers over Obamacare Click Here for Details

NSA Backlash

  35 world leaders spied on Click Here for Story

No Privacy

  Hidden in Obamacare is your loss of privacy Click Here for Details

Rangel Says Congress Deserves Its Obamacare Subsidies

  Of course its our compensation Click Here for Story and Audio


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