Friday October 25, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Where Is The Senate

Will they stand up against the Democrats improper coup? Click Here for Story

State Taxpayers Giving Company $7 Million To Move 21 Miles

Insurance firm gets to keep income tax its employees payNBA

LeBron the Anti-American Poster Child

NBA star yells obscenity and storms off court during National Anthem Click Here for Details

Pathetic Romney

 Mitt Romney is wearing out his welcome with the GOP Senate? Click Here for Details

Hillary Will Run

Door is open….of course she’ll try again  Click Here for Story

Impeach Pelosi

Over a quarter million sign petition Click Here for Details

Schiff Hiding Info for His Agenda

Using SCIFs for non classified testimony? Click Here for Story

Lying Dems

Pelosi  and Dems are deliberately misleading the American public Click Here for Details




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