Friday October 26, 2018

Planned Parenthood Join Creepy Porn Lawyer

Strange bedfellows indeed Click Here for Story

The Affects of Legal Weed

What will Michigan look like if Marijuana goes legal in state Click Here for Details

Will Michigan Follow California’s Lead In Redistricting?

Voters will decide who should draw political districts

The State Budget is Larger Than $10 Billion

State can afford to spend more on roads and cut taxes

Creepy Clinton Dynasty?

Chelsea Clinton says she’s open to running for political office. Here’s her criteria.There may be a new generation in politics from the Clinton Crime Syndicate Click Here for Details

Real Justice?

Avenatti and Swetnick referred to DOJ for investigation Click Here for Details and Video

What About Those “Bombs” ?

Poorly made by amateurs? Click Here for Details

Big Tech Hypocrites

Google pays off former exec who is accused sexual misconduct Click Here for Story

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