Friday October 4, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Deep State Schiff

Collusion is real and its the Democrats doing it Click Here for Story

Is the Left Crying Wolf?

Have they have gone to the impeachment well too often? Click Here for Story

Measure Would Protect Electronic Communications From Warrantless Search

Voters could see ballot measure to expand protections against unreasonable search and seizure

Total Bigot

 Rep Rashida Tlaib shows she is incredibly racist again Click Here for Details

Did Biden Commit Crimes in China?

POTUS asks if China is aware of corruption Click Here for Details

A Case Study in Ineffectiveness for the MEDC

Lawmakers pass a budget cutting the agency


Buttigieg’s hypocrisy on abortion and death penalty is astounding Click Here for Story

From The Science Side…

Ocean cleanup has started Click Here for Details


Moderate Dems will feel the wrath of voters over phony impeachment Click Here for Story

Schiff Caught in Big Lie on Whistle Blower

Denied speaking to whistle blower when in fact he did Click Here for Details

No Scandal

Australia’s PM says there is no scandal over Trump’s reasonable request Click Here for Story

Democrat vs Demcorat

┬áBeto says Buttigieg isn’t right on gun control Click Here for Details

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