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Never Trump Republicans are as evil as Democrats Click Here for Details

Amazon to Invest in Pontiac?

Old Lions stadium site could become new Amazon distribution center Click Here for


Coming to America?

Dennis Rodman: 'Kim Jong Un will be in America in 18 to 24 months' Kim Jong Un will visit America within the next 2 years? Click Here for Story

Despite Bluster And Bullying, 32,208 Left Teachers Union Since Right-To-Work

MEA suffered another legal embarrassment this month

Beto The Gun Grabber

O’Rourke doesn’t like being called out on his gun confiscation rhetoric Click Here for Details

The Next Attempt to Remove Trump ?

Alleged whistle blower says POTUS promised something?? Click Here for Story

Ohhh Justin

Justin Trudeau is shown wearing an afro wig and dressed in black face to impersonate Jamaican singer Harry Belafonte to sing 'Day-O' at a talent show at his high school. He graduated in the early 90sCanadian Prime Minister wore black face…repeatedly Click Here for Details

From the Science Side

Comet or craft? Interstellar object coming through solar system Click Here for Story

Scaring Children

 Climate activist kids have been scared and brainwashed by eco justice community Click Here for Details

Stop the H1-Bs

Silicon-Valley-Workers Visa program being abused by businesses to screw over American workers Click Here for Story

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