Friday September 26, 2014

Eric Holder Resigns

       Attorney General steps down Click Here for Details

Is This Why Holder Resigned?

          No more delays in documents to be provided in Fast and Furious? Click Here for Story

Poor Performance Affects More Than the Team

Ann Arbor businesses suffer when the team does Click Here for Story

Where Brighton School Board Candidates Stand

Election is around the corner, educate yourself Click Here for Details

A Democrat’s Reasons For Supporting School Choice

Harvey Santana earns endorsement of education choice group

“By voting my conscience rather than following the predictable patterns of party politics I feel I am paving the way for a new generation of leaders in Michigan,” Santana said. … more

Right-to-Work Will be Blamed

If Gov. Snyder loses re-election

To the conservative base, if Gov. Snyder were to lose it will be because he ignored basic principles. To seasoned citizens, if Snyder were to lose it would be because they think he hiked their taxes. Yet, for the national mainstream news media, though these elements will have contributed to his loss, they will be considered trivialities not worth mentioning. … more

Arab Countries Target ISIS Refineries

When their pocketbook gets hurt they take action Click Here for Details

Subway Attacks Plotted?

Tighter security is seen at Penn Station after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an increase in police presence in New York City transportation hubs due to the threat of terrorism. (Credit: CBS 2)   Iraqi Prime Minister says plot uncovered Click Here for Story

Life Under ISIS

    Woman video tapes life under ISIS control Click Here for Story and Video

IRS Need to Listen to Voters This Year

     Or at least the Administration should Click Here for Story

Name Your Enemy…

Or at least admit you didn’t defeat them? Click Here for Story

 Autonomous Military Robot Weapons

Play video to see the future in robots and drones

Preaching Hate

             UK Prime Minister knows Islamic hate is being taught Click Here for Details

ISIS Executes Female Civil Rights Attorney and Activist

Samira Salih al-Nuaimi executed. Where are the world’s feminists? Click Here for Story

 Muslims Against ISIS?

Muslims perform Friday prayers on Skalitzer Strasse (street) in Berlin September 19, 2014. (Reuters/Hannibal)   German Muslims protests Against Islamic murderers Click Here for Details and Video

Hypocrite DeCaprio






Hollywood celeb supports Climate Change theory but leaves big carbon footprint Click Here for Details

At Odds With the Boss

    Homeland Security snubs Obama’s plan to lift the ban on Libyans getting pilot training Click Here for Story




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