Friday September 28, 2018

See Friday’s Senate Testimony

See the complete testimony at C-Span Click Here for Details

Lindsey Steps Up

Senator Graham tells the Democrats what kind of liars they are? Click Here for Story

Making Money

People keep asking what’s in it for Christine Ford?  Money Lots of it Click Here for Details

More Cracks In Ford Story

Christine Blasey Ford Lie Detector Test, NoteEvidence not looking good for Christine Ford’s accusations Click Here for Story

Ford’s Real Assaulters?

Two men claim they are the boys who accosted Christine Ford Click Here for Details

Got A License For That Dog? Under This Bill Wouldn’t Need One

A state dog license law appears widely ignored

Want Faster Internet? What Rural Communities Should Explore 

Government shouldn’t be in business of providing internet

Banning Prayer?

Alabama school district bans prayer before football games. The community just isn’t having it.Alabama school bans prayers before game Click Here for Details

Men Too?

Boy looking at girlNewest study says boys more likely to be victims of dating violence than girls Click Here for Details

What Triggered Christine Ford’s Memory of Assault?

A remodeling project? Click Here for Details

Why Government Budgets Are Wrong

Spend it or lose it is hurting taxpayers Click Here for Story

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