Friday September 29, 2017

Cutting Their Nose…

Liberal school librarian turns down offer of book donation from First Lady Click Here for Details

One Great Holiday!

National Beer Day Click Here for Story

Jobs Department’s Fake News: $10 Tax return for Every $1 in Subsidies 

 In 2011 newly elected Gov. Rick Snyder championed a corporate handout initiative called the Michigan Business Development Program. The program distributes mostly cash grants (and some loans and other favors) to companies that make investments and add new jobs, above some baseline, to their payroll in Michigan.  … more

No Good Options?

What Does Confrontation with North Korea Look Like? Click Here for Story

Looking for Bribes? What Dems Want

Red-state Dems need more from Trump before tax embraceRed State Democrats want something in return for tax reform Click Here for Details

It’s Working

ICE is nabbing illegal alien criminals Click Here for Story

Pathetic Packers

Green Bay’s NFL team shows it’s Un -American side Click Here for Details

McConnell: A Loser for GOP and America

  Too gutless to help conservatism or America Click Here for Story

Super Rich May Not Get Tax Help

GOP tax plan may not help the wealthy? Click Here for Details

The Idiocy of Hollywood

Hypocrite Liam Neeson shows more of his ignorant hypocrisy Click Here for Story


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