Friday September 6, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Time for FOIA

Image result for james comey  Watchdog group looks for information on Comey Crimes Click Here for Story

Michigan Color Schedule

Best bets to see fall color change in Michigan Click Here for Details

Will Wild Rice Really Save The Great Lakes?

Without prioritization, it’s hard to know if Great Lakes Restoration money is well-spent

Why We Have a First Amendment

See the punishment for a Finnish politician for posting a bible verse on social media? Click Here for Story

Economy Still Strong

Despite trade war American economy is doing well Click Here for Details

Democrats Eye Population Control

Beware America, this is what socialism brings Click Here for Story


Beto doubles down on the end of the world because of climate change Click Here for Details

Democrat Craziness

Climate Scam headlined at Democrats CNN townhall Click Here for Story

The Lying Media

MSM poster child Rachel Maddow Click Here for Details

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