Friday September 7, 2018

Democrat Booker Violates Senate Rules?

Did he brazenly violates Senate rules and exposes email of SCOTUS nominee or was he just bluffing and looking for news coverage? Click Here for Story

School Principal Faces Big Pay Cut If She Wins Seat In Legislature

From $120k plus benefits to around $83k

How Taxpayers Get Fleeced in Michigan

More money is not turning into better government services

Levi’s Going Anti-Gun

Jeans maker turns to the left Click Here for Story

Phony Op-Ed?

Here are the administration officials who have denied they wrote the anonymous NYT op-edTrump Admin officials say they aren’t writers of NY Times Op Ed Click Here for Story

Trump Economy Booms?

Layoffs reach half a century low Click Here for Story

GOP Won’t Fund Wall Till After Election?

McConnell avoids issue? Click Here for Details

Stupidity of British Government

policeBritish police raid childrens birthday party for Nerf guns Click Here for Story

Good Bye Burt

Burt Reynolds dead at age 82 Click Here for Story





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