Monday April 1, 2013

April Fools Day!

Don’t forget to catch this week’s …

The Drift Radio Show March 30, 2013

Join host Gary Wellings as we discuss Washtenaw County’s possible problems with it’s10 year union contract approval, Pinckney schools successful contract negotiation, the Keystone Pipeline, the IMF’s new proposed global gas tax and  the persistent vacations of the Obama Administration Click Here for Podcast

Into The Final Four

U of M moves forward to the Four Click Here for Details

LETS Needs Your Input

Proposal for 8 new buses on the line Click Here for Story

Immigration NOT a Done Deal

Senator Rubio says not so fast Click Here for Details

Obama Attends Racist Sermon on Easter Sunday?

Pastor alludes to Right wingers wanting blacks in the back of the bus and women in the kitchen Click Here for Despicable Details

Senator Graham Stand Up Against Dem Gun Control

New Senate gun control going nowhere says Graham Click Here for Details

Post Birth Abortion?

What the?……You won’t believe what Planned Parenthood argued for Click Here for Story

US Adds More Stealth Jets to Korean War Games

F-22’s join forces in South Korea as North ramps us rhetoric Click Here for Details

Iran Says US Will Fall in 2013?

More doom talk from Iran Click Here for Story

DNC Shot It All on Obama

DNC Chair Wasserman -Schultz says DNC is broke Click Here for Details


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