Monday April 1, 2019

Will There Be Another Special Counsel?Image result for william barr

AG Barr upset with the handling of Clinton email investigation Click Here for Details

Fewer Workers, Costlier Materials Spike Road Repair Costs

Oakland County paying up to 60 percent more per mile than 2013

The Increasing Importance of Natural Gas

It’s a critical element of Michigan’s energy future

Good Sheriffs

More Sheriffs look to protect the 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

Closing Border Not Just a Threat

POTUS looks to protect the border Click Here for Details

Border Cant Handle the Spring Surge

Personnell and facilities stretched to breaking point Click Here for Story

The Rift Begins

Muslims in England turn on Gay agenda Click Here for Details

Bad Business Decision

The Associated PressDick’s loses $150 Million after gun sales ban Click Here for Story

Who Was Behind Smollett Getting Off?

An Obama fixer Click Here for Story

Did Obama Know or Decide?

How involved was Obama in targeting the Trump campaign and Presidency Click Here for Details

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