Monday April 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Mail In Ballots Are a Problem

Missing ballots or fraud? Click Here for Details

Veteran Economist: Extended Downturn Also Risks Lives, Social Unrest, Despondency

David Littmann praises virus response to date; says fiscal challenges require we save more

The Rise of Liberal Fascism

US Democrats and  UK liberals calling for citizens to turn each other in is reminiscent of Nazi Germany Click Here for Story   And Here for More Info

Even Fauci Says We Could Start to Open in May

Rolling openings of the country to get economy back on track Click Here for Story

Beware Google and Apple

Tech giants will track you? Click Here for Details

Hear the Hypocrisy

This montage is eye opening Click Here for Story

Boris Discharged

UK Prime Minister released from hospital Click Here for Details

Pandemic Progressivism

Progressives use crisis to push for more government control and destroy the family? Click Here for Story




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