Monday April 15, 2019

They Want Your Second Amendment Rights

Image result for swalwell Congressman Swalwell admits Dems don’t believe you have the right to own guns Click Here for Details

Real Life Raptor?

Image result for cassowary Florida man killed by his Cassowary Click Here for Story

Winter Not Done with Michigan?

Looks like another winter storm for the mitten Click Here for Details

AFSCME Michigan Pays Women 85 Cents For Every Dollar For Men

If measured using simplistic pay gap methods used to tarnish others

Illegals to Sanctuary

POTUS says he has right to send illegals to sanctuary cities Click Here for Story

Dems Show Their Racism

 Congressman Green states the obvious while grilling bankers Click Here for Details

Another America Hater Joins Dem Presidential Run

Buttigieg also doesn’t believe America was great ? Click Here for Story

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