Monday April 20, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The New Tea Party

Democrat overreach might fule a new Tea party movement? Click Here for Story

Michigan Needs to Open

Before its too late Click Here for Details

California Had it Early

Antibody tests show Covid was rmapant in California? Click Here for Story

Fox Gone Left

Wallace softballs on Pelosi shows the network is turning to the left Click Here for Details

Fanless Baseball?

Can baseball start up without fans in the stadiums? Click Here for Story

Keep It in Perspective

Here’s some real numbers in the Pandemic Click Here for Details

More Guilty Actions from China?

Now a net importer of PPE instead of exporter Click Here for Story

Homeschooling Getting a Boost?

Will parents realize they can stop their children from being brainwashed in public schools? Click Here for Story

Hold China Accountable

Will the world hold China accountable for its actions and lack of transparency? Click Here for Details

Why So Many New Gun Buyers?

Over 2 million gun sales in March…why? Click Here for Story

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