Monday April 22, 2013

Medical Opt Out?

Legislation would allow refusal of medical services by those who object on moral grounds Click Here for Story

Rogers Promotes CISPA

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act under threat of veto by Obama Click Here for Details

MichiganVotes: Bill Would Allow Community Colleges To Offer Some Bachelor Degrees

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Community colleges in Michigan would be able to expand the programs in which they can offer four-year degrees, including nursing, if a bill that has been introduced by State Rep. Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, is passed. … more

Epic Fail Not Enough

Anti_gun forces want to continue their fight despite the will of the people Click Here for Story

Libs Still Want the Lone Wolf Theory

Was the bombing part of a wider plot and connected to International terrorism? Click Here for Story

FBI Flub?

Did the FBI drop the ball by not keeping eye on bomber after his initial interview? Click Here for Details

Trip to Russia Should Have Been a Tip Off

Why didn’t anyone follow up after Russian warning? Click Here for Video

Eyes Wide Shut

Secretary of Defense Hagel says not enough evidence to tie brothers to Terrorist groups? Click Here for Details

What Obama’s Secretary of Defense Should Know

Terrorist cell being hunted by authorities Click Here for Story

FBI Detains More People from Boston Bombing

Not acting alone? Click Here for Details


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