Monday April 27, 2015

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Film Incentive Supporters Ignore the Facts

Michigan taxpayers have spent half a billion ($500,000,000) on a transient industry that takes the money and runs.  … more

Fixed Rail Mass Transit Rarely Viable

The darling of the mass transit community isn’t the best way Click Here for Details

Amateur in Chief

Barack Obama  Russia hacked Obama emails Click Here for Details

Disturbing Pattern

Clintons, cronyism, cash and favors Click Here for Story

Senator Warren Calls for Trade Deal Transparency

warreninternal8989.jpg  Says Obama needs to disclose details Click Here for Story

1st Admission?

AP Photo  Clinton Foundation admits to disclosure problems Click Here for Details

Debt Game Continues?

Table III-C Daily Treasury Statement of April 22, 2015Debt level frozen now for 40 days? Click Here for Story

Media May be Cracking

stephanopoulos-abcStephanopolous gets floored over Clinton scandal Click Here for Details

Obama Amnesty Disaster

Gangbanger and murderer gets amnesty Click Here for Story

Jail Time for Inappropriate Dancing

Screenshot from youtube video by Video news Russian women get jail time for twerking near memorial? Click Here for Details and Video

Space Race Gets Militarized

US feeling pressure from China to get prepared in space Click Here for Details

NBC Scandal

Report: NBC Leaking Brian Williams Details to Force Resignation  NBC trying to pressure a resignation from Brian Williams? Click Here for Story



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