Monday April 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Fascism is Here?

Woman cited for driving alone in her car and violating stay at home order Click Here for Details

New Cases Slows in Michigan?

Is Michigan nearing a peak or just a pause? Click Here for Details

Overstating Covid-19 Deaths?

CDC website tells hospitals to blame Covid  for deaths even if no proof? Click Here for Story

State’s Coronavirus Spending Bill Infected with Irony

Lawmakers shouldn’t be giving taxpayer resources to special interests

Democrats Want to Pay Illegals

Nancy Pelosi mocks Trump as an 'extremely stable genius ...  Once again Democrats are putting illegals ahead of Americans Click Here for Details

About Time…

Momentum grows to remove supply chain from China Click Here for Story

Avoid Grocery Stores as Peak Nears?

Dr. Birx told tragic story of great-grandmother dying from Spanish ... Avoiding even grocery stores is suggested Click Here for Details

Communist Profiteers

Best 59+ Communist China Wallpaper on HipWallpaper | Communist ... China infects the world then makes big cash selling product to combat it Click Here for Story

Also Exploiting Corona

Islamists are exploiting and celebrating the Corona virus? Click Here for Story

Democrats and Chinese Propaganda

Democrats seem to be working with China against America? Click Here for Story

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