Monday April 8, 2019

Democrats Forgot What Nazis Are?

Its their own party Click Here for Details

City Spends $300,000 Extra On Construction Projects To Pay Union Wages

Michigan eliminated prevailing wage law but Royal Oak wants to pay more

Criminal Referrals

Rep Nunes sending 8 referrals to AG Barr this week Click Here for Story

God Forbid

Pelosi says Democrats will hold the House in 2020 despite their pathetic attacks and obstruction Click Here for Details

Democrats Looking for Yet Another Set of Voters

Now they want to add prisoners to 16 year olds and illegals as voters Click Here for Story

Democrats Look for Next Anti-Trump Issue

They want Trump taxes but Mulvaney says no way Click Here for Details and Video

King of Hypocrisy

Buttigieg shows he is king of pandering and just not very smart Click Here for Story

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