Monday August 17, 2015

Already Touting Gilbert?

Is media already pressing for a liberal hollywood actress to send to Congress for the 8th district Click Here for Story

Trump Says He’ll Take Action on Immigration

  Will undo Obama executive actions Click Here for Details

Out of Hand

  Pelosi staffer joins Black Lives Matter to shut down freeway Click Here for Story

Even O’Malley Says Clinton Emails Are a Problem

Hillary starting to get Dems questioning Click Here for Details

Crazy Louis

Image: Rev. Farrakhan to Followers: 'White People Deserve to Die'Farrakhan says white people must die Click Here for Story

Minimum Wage Hike Fuel Robot Workers Drive

 Automated fast food restaurants will be result of forced minimum wage increases Click Here for Details

Global Crash

Doomsday clock for the markets is closing in on Midnight Click Here for Story

Carefully Chosen

  Clinton says she did not receive emails “Marked” classified Click Here for Details and video


AP Photo/G.M. Andrews Senator Jeff Sessions says Trumps immigration plans are correct Click Here for Story

Why Graham Not Fit

Image: Lindsey Graham: Trump Taking GOP Backward on Immigration Senator Graham believes in letting illegals stay and more can come? Click Here for Details

White House Propaganda

White House pushing  Iran deal Click Here for Story

Bill Maher on Trump

You might be surprised on Mahers’ thoughts Click Here for Details


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