Monday August 18, 2014

Medical Marijuana Numbers Falling?

Livingston county sees big drop Click Here for Details

Teachers Find Union Alternatives

Liability insurance, legal protection, professional resources all available at a fraction of the union cost

“The new climate in Michigan is proof that when teachers have the right to choose, many decide to flee the unions in favor of professional associations that provide similar benefits, at a fraction of the cost,” said AAE spokesperson Alexandra Freeze.  … more

Teachers’ Window of Opportunity Is Now Open

For teachers represented by the Michigan Education Association, freedom comes just once per year — in August. That’s because the MEA says August is the only month in which they will allow teachers to choose whether to pay union dues. … more

Missouri Governor Weighs In

Governor Jay Nixon shocked at Ferguson Police Dept reaction Click Here for Details

New Video Surfaces on Ferguson Shooting

Video Contains Alleged Witness Account of Michael Brown Attacking Cop   Conversation recorded on video alleges victim rushed officer Click Here for Story and Video

California Dems Ignore Obama Climate Talk

Even Democrats know climate change is non-sense this election season Click Here for Details

Pelosi At It Again

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi  Yet another investment scandal that the Dem leader profited by Click Here for Details

Some Texas Counties Helpless to Watch Border

Lack of funding and personnel make it impossible secure border Click Here for Story

The Latest on Ferguson

Protests in Ferguson  Stay updated on developments in Missouri Click Here for Details and Video

Learned from Obama?

web1_Hillary-Clinton_041014DB_007.jpg  Hillary demands Presidential suite in Vegas Click Here for Details

Officer Hurt in “Peaceful” Ferguson Sympathy Protest

Oakland California police officer assaulted after protest gets violent Click Here for Story

Ebola Clinic Looted

   Fear of Ebola spreading as contaminated equipment is stolen Click Here for Details

Black Panthers of Hate

  New Black Panther party leads death chant for Ferguson police officer Click Here for Video

More Dangerous Than Ever

Rep. Mike Rogers: US in Greater Danger than Before 9/11  US is in more danger now than before 9/11 attacks according to Congressman Mike Rogers Click Here for Story


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