Monday August 19, 2019 The Daily Drift

This Will Be Ugly

Senator Graham says the FISA report will be damning for the DOJ Click Here for Details

Back Pay Boosted Reinstated Cop to $201K 

Cleared of sexual misconduct, officer was highest paid Dearborn employee in 2018

Buying Greenland

Its not just a joke Click Here for Details

Want More School Librarians in Michigan? Reform State Licensing Law

Community librarians just need a GED; school librarians need a master’s degree

Whats Up With North Korea

Can a deal be cut? Click Here for Story

A New Kennedy

Joe Kennedy, Ed MarkeyRep Joe Kennedy thinking about a Senate run? Click Here for Story

Nuke Mars?

 Elon Musk suggests terra forming Mars with nucelar weapons? Click Here for Details

BDS BullSh!t?

Talibmaher1Bill Maher and Rashida Tlaib have quarrel over the BDS movement Click Here for Story and Video

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