Monday August 24, 2015

Road Watch

With Labor Day approaching Police step up patrols Click Here for Story

  A local MEA union was insulting more of its members who were considering opting out of the union under the right-to-work law.… more

Leftward Shift

  How the Democratic Party went Socialist Click Here for Story  Link Contributed by Pgh Expat

Hardcore Carly

 Carly Fiorina minces no words in calling out Clinton for hiding emails Click Here for Details

Radical Jihadis Brainwashing Kids

The little boy uses a knife to behead the plush toy. The Islamic State group and its supporters frequently post images of young boys training to be "cubs of the caliphate." (Screenshot)  Just sickening as Jihadis train children to behead Click Here for Story

 In for the Long Haul

Carson says VP talk is way too early Click Here for Details

Head Turner on Climate Change

  Climatologist says we have a moral imperative to burn fossil fuels Click Here for Story

CNN in the Democratic Bag

CNN Anchor looking to discredit GOP candidates Click Here for Details

Mars Lizard

  Photos from mars sometimes look like the oddest things Click Here for Story

Salad Bad for You?

  And bad for the planet?  Click Here for Details

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