Monday August 26, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Niche Issues?

Is G7 focusing on the wrong topics? Click Here for Story

Climate Hype

Amazon fires are not what the media hypes it as Click Here for Details

Looking for Attention

Failed Congressman and Never Trumper looks for attention via the 2020 Election Click Here for Story

Bad Schooling and Forgotten History

America’s youth embrace the failures of socialism Click Here for Details

Where Your Prison Funding Goes?

64% of Fed prisoners are non- US citizens Click Here for Story

NY Times Falling

Admits it has been employing anti-Semites? Click Here for Details


Trump Derangement Symptom hits psychologists on CNN Click Here for Story

Democrats Used to Stand Up to China

What POTUS is doing is what Democrats used to want? Click Here for Details

The Iranian Land Bridge

What is going on in Iran and Syria? Click Here for Story

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