Monday August 5, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Ohio Shooter Identified

Another mentally disturbed person or a grudge? Click Here for Details

TDS Presidential Candidates Already Blaming

And You can guess who easily Click Here for Story

Teacher’s Union: Yes to Reparations, No to Impeachment, Yes to Abortion

NEA’s annual conference resolutions are revealing

Unequal Funding,’ Claims Report — And Leaves Out Major Share Of School Revenue

Report on financial disparities ignores federal funds that help poor communities

The Issue No One Wants to Tackle

Budget deal is highly irresponsible spending Click Here for Details

El Paso Killer Was A White Supremacist?

Motive was hate Click Here for Story

POTUS Speaks Out

No place for Hate in our country Click Here for Details

 Guess Who IS Influencing the 2020 Democrat Primary?

Hamas and other Islamic hate groups Click Here for Story


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