Monday December 12, 2016

CIA Should NOT be Politicizing Election

Is Obama or CIA factions causing the problem? Click Here for Story

Lions Rolling as Season’s End Closes In

Victory over Chicago maintains NFC lead Click Here for Details

  The Michigan ACLU has become the latest organization to join teachers unions, the public school establishment and others against Betsy DeVos as President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to be the U.S. secretary of education. … more

NBC’s Fake News

‘What’s your source?’: Reince Priebus confronts NBC’s Chuck Todd over ‘false’ election hacking story Reince Priebus challenges Chuck Todd’s unproven media allegations Click Here for Story

More Fake Hate

Mosque ArsonMuslim pleads guilty to setting fire to his own mosque Click Here for Details

Muffin Stupidity

Compromised Ex-CIA McMullin calls Trump UnAmerican? Click Here for Details

Euro Time Bomb

EU Report: ISIS Has Sent Up To 1,750 Terrorists to Europe Over 1700 Islamic terrorists already in Europe Click Here for Story

How Not What?

CIA and Media Want to Push How on the DNC Hacking instead what corruption was actually uncovered Click Here for Details

Why Are WE Paying Illegals Unemployment?

 Tax dollars being payed out by Feds to non-citizens Click Here for Story

CNN Fake News

Network shamed into correcting fake news story Click Here for Details


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