Monday December 2, 2013

MSU Makes Top Ten

  Could the Rose Bowl be reached? Click Here for Details

Bills Would Limit House Inspections

Tax assessors have been entering personal residences in some communities

By Anne Schieber |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Complaints surfaced when a group of homeowners in Davison Township contacted the Mackinac Center for Public Policy about letters from the local tax assessor requesting to come inside personal residences. Homeowners who declined saw their assessments go up based on improvements neighbors made to their houses, which resulted in higher property taxes. Other homeowners agreed to the inspections because they thought they were legally required to do so. … more

Healthcare.Gov Not Fixed?

Despite claims Obamacare website not fixed? Click Here for Details

The Coming Crisis of Obamacare

  George Will says “All Hell will Break Loose” Click Here for Video and Story

Year End Business for the House

2 weeks in December could be busy Click Here for Details

On the Hunt

  Israeli Intel ordered to look for Iranian cheats on nuke deal Click Here for Story

Unions Want You to Pay More for Fast Food

  Protests/Strikes for higher fast food wages would put thousands out of work an raise prices Click Here for Details

The End of OPEC Control?

Gas flare in the countryside of Bradford County. Pennsylvania  Higher North American production and possible increase in Iranian production would hurt OPEC Click Here for Story

Immigration Can’t be Solved Trough Conference

Senate version not worth discussing? Click Here for Details

Ukrainians Choose the West

  Thousands protest against the Ukranian rejection of EU pact Click Here for Story

Americans Going Jihad?

American Muslims joining Syrian civil war Click Here for Details


  Saudi students in US doubles in last 24 months Click Here for Story

Clinton Machine Attacks Scott Walker

AP photo  Are they worried about a true conservative? Click Here for Details

Blasting Karzai

  Senator Feinstein has harsh words for Karzai Click Here for Story

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