Monday December 23, 2013

Cleary College Deals with Online Class Enrollment

  May sell Ann Arbor building as traditional classes lose ground Click Here for Details

Congressman Mike Rogers Defends NSA

Photo - House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said the presidential review of the National Security Agency's telephone surveillance program validated it, by stating that it is "vital" to U.S. national security. (Getty Images File)   Despite Obama Admin review stating change needed Rogers sticks up for NSA data collection Click Here for Story

Cracker Barrel Reverses Decision on Duck Dynasty Products

Company says it listened to customers and reinstated products Click Here for Details

Dem Senator Schumer Says GOP Won’t Have Guts to Fight Debt Ceiling Increase

  They learned their lesson over shutdown? Click Here for Story

Obama Ready to Push Amnesty

  Working man beware Click Here for Details

The Bankruptcy List

AP file photo/Mel Evans  What cities are next on the list for Bankruptcy? Click Here for Story

The Anti-Gun Nut Steps It Up

  Bloomberg continues crusade against guns Click Here for Details

Huckabee Might Run

  Former Governor might give Presidential run another shot Click Here for Story

Seriously? Your Taxes to Pay for This?

Should Medicare pay for sex changes? Click Here for Details

US Planes Attacked

  South Sudan rebels blamed for attacks Click Here for Story

Israel Complains About US Spying

Allies spying on allies Click Here for Details



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