Monday December 28, 2015

Headway Against ISIS

Image: Iraq Forces Raise Flag in Ramadi, City Has Been 'Liberated'  Iraqi forces drive ISIS from Ramadi Click Here for Story

Road Construction

Ann Arbor area projects for 2016 Click Here for Details

More Mead

Image result for mead  Craft mead makers want the deals that hard cider and beer get from legislation? Click Here for Details

Michigan Gave Away Tens of Millions for Little in Return

In mid-December when the Michigan Legislature passed a law giving data centers tax exemptions, it set a job creation requirement of 400 jobs by 2022 and 1,000 by 2026. That gives the entire data center industry in Michigan 10 years to create roughly as many jobs as would be expected if just four new big box stores, such as Sam’s Club, Meijer, or a Super /Target store opened for business. … more

Government Officials to Pick Lodging Industry Winners and Losers?

A recent report from Lansing-based MIRS News indicated that state tourism officials are closely monitoring the travel accommodations website Airbnb. The site brings together travelers looking for a place to stay and property owners willing to rent a room, apartment or house for a few days. These peer-to-peer exchanges are often compared to Uber’s ride-sharing service. … more

No Dignity

  Comedian says Obama too eager for exposure?  Click Here for Details and Video

Secret Weapon or Disaster for Hillary?

Trump Calls Clinton Move 'So Inappropriate!'Trump says Bill campaigning for Hillary will backfire Click Here for Story and Video

Dirty Pot Calling..

Image result for debbie wasserman schultz  DNC Chair says Trump brings new low to politics? Click Here for Details

Ferguson Effect

Baltimore murder rates break new record Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Google company  looking to defeat death? Click Here for Details

Guess Who Funds the UN? You DO!

  Big part of UN budget paid for by Americans Click Here for Story

Democrat Say US and Russia Should Work Together

billrichardsonFormer Ambassador Richardson says Russia and US should cooperate Click Here for Details

Journalist Assassinated in Turkey

Exposed ISIS atrocities Click Here for Details and Video


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