Monday December 31, 2012

New Year’s Eve Options

Plenty to do for NYE 2013  Click Here for Details


Poll of most admired in the country cleaarly shows why we’re in trouble Click Here for Story

Stifling Regulations Help Destroy Detroit

Taxi service is so regulated people can’t getinto the business Click Here for Details

The Cost of Prevailing Wage

New jail will cost an extra $2 million Click  Here for Story

Hillary Hospitalized

Blood clot discovered after fall Click Here for Details

Moron Celebrities Show Their Hypocrisy

Put themselves into video calling for gun bans while starring in violent shoot’em up movies Click Here for Video

Telling It Like It Is

Senator Lindsey Graham says Obama beat the GOP on taxes Click Here for Details

Still No Deal

Hours left before fiscal cliff and still no deal Click Here for Story

1st Parasitic Lawyer Announces Sandy Hook Law Suit

And he’s an Occupy Wall Streeter Click Here for Details

Obama Will Go for Guns

2013 will see some sort of gun ban Click Here for Story



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