Monday February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus Day

Let the election process begin as Trump, Cruz, Hillary and Bernie battle it out Click Here for Details

Right-to-Work States Have Faster Income Growth

Opponents of right-to-work insist the policy causes wages to plunge, but federal data suggest the opposite is true. … more

Saudis Arrest 9 American Terrorists?

 Info still sketchy but 9 were rounded up with other terror related subjects Click Here for Details

Another US Humiliation at the Hands of Obama

Iran Celebrates 'Victory' Over U.S. Sailors  Iran gives medals to Iranian sailors who took US sailors prisoner Click Here for Details

Was This a Warning to Military Officers?

ISSwar012016160119 Was Obama going after Petraeus a warning to the military to keep quiet? Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

End Game for Some?

 Iowa results will spell the end for some campaigns Click Here for Details

ISIS Makes Big Threats

UK and Spain under Doomsday threats from ISIS terrorists Click Here for Story

State Dept Covering Up for Hillary

GERMANY-US-BND-FILESUse of private server was known from beginning? Click Here for Details

Trump Not Worried About Iowa Win

635898416709892422-CZ-BJ17UUAAeRHb.jpg  Says second place is fine? Click Here for Story


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