Monday February 23, 2015

Input Wanted on US 23 Expansion

Meeting this week to discuss improvements Click Here for Details

State’s Corporate Welfare Agency Hasn’t Faced Real Media Scrutiny

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

For more than a decade, the news media has shirked its responsibility to demand that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation provide basic transparency. And let’s make this clear – reporters weren’t at fault – the responsibility lies higher up the food chain. … more

Media Hoax?

UPDATE: Good Muslims protecting Synagogue is hoax by media? Click Here for Story

Shame on America?

Senator McCain includes himself being at fault for not helping Ukraine Click Here for Details

Dangerous Shopping?

The masked man in al-Shabab's video calling for attacks on malls. (Image via CNN) American malls threatened by terrorists Click Here for Story

Secretary of Spin

Jeh Johnson tries to defend Obama Admin’s inability to call ISIS Islamic terrorists Click Here for Details

President Obama: Do you really love America?

Play Video Below

Click Here for More on This Story

Forest for the Trees?

What will it take for Obama to say “Radical Islamics”?m Click Here for Details

Ewww! Really?

Woman in bath  Survey on British women about bathing? Click Here for Story

And You Wonder Why Republicans Think Twice About DHS Funding?

Secretary Jeh Johnson worries more about mythical right wing domestic terrorists than Islamic terrorists? Click Here for Details

You Really Want to Welcome Them?

Raymondville Prison Riot  Illegal Immigrant prison facility in ruins after riot Click Here for Story

Amnesty Continues Despite of Federal Court Order

The Obama exec action continues allowing illegals to stay Click Here for Details

Senate Dems Wrong on Stopping DHS Funding

Courts have already ruled and yet Dems hold up funding to keep Amnesty afloat Click Here for Story


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