Monday February 24, 2014

Not So Easy

Getting and retaining students not so easy even for Ann Arbor Public Schools Click Here for Details

Canton to Get Manufacturing Institute

$140 million investment Click Here for Story

Cigarette Smuggling Still Rampant in Michigan, Nation

By Michael D. LaFaive and Todd Nesbit, Ph.D. | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

As state and local units of government continue to increase cigarette excise taxes to raise revenue, smugglers apparently continue to profit from their illicit trafficking. … more

No Regrets

Susan Rice doesn’t regret Benghazi Bungle Click Here for Details

Does the Minimum Wage Hurt Workers?

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Worth Watching

AC/ DC covered by…Cellos? Click Here for Video

Chris Matthews Negative on 2014

Thinks Dems may lose big in Senate Click Here for Story

FCC Backs Down…For Now

Media backlash pushes FCC to backtrack on newsroom monitors Click Here for  Details


Piers Morgan  Piers Morgan to leave CNN? Click Here for Story

Obama code: Investments = Spending

No deficit reduction spend instead Click Here for Details

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