Monday February 24, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Conspiracy Or Just the Usual Hillary?

IS Bloomberg playing a game to get Hillary the nomination ? Click Here for Details

Who Killed Philip Haney?

Whistle blower from Obama Admin era murdered Click Here for Story

Newspapers, Experts Agree: Climate Causes Plummeting, Record High Water Levels

Looks like a Great Lakes consensus

Greyhound Boycott

Another company’s anti-American decision puts them in danger of a boycott? Click Here for Details

Just Another Hoax

National Security adviser says no evidence Russia wants to help Trump campaign Click Here for Details

Carville Knows?

Says Bernie cannot beat Trump Click Here for Details

The End of Italy?

A young couple in Italy. (Getty Images) Birthrates for Italians  dropping precipitously Click Here for Details 

The Iran Problem

Secretary Pompeo reveals Administration’s plan to deal with Iran Click Here for Story

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