Monday February 3, 2019

Super Bowl

And the Winner is…Click Here for Story

Trump Derangement Syndrome is Hurting America

Democrats’ hate for the President is overcoming common sense measure to protect Americans Click Here for Details

Warming Your Car in Winter

 It IS legal now in Michigan Click Here for Story

Fighting Back Against Fake News

Sandmann Lawyer will sue a lot of those who spread fake news Click Here for Details

Protect The Border

Pentagon announces nearly 4,000 additional troops heading to US-Mexico borderPentagon sending more troops to the border as caravans approach Click Here for Story

Drugs At Border

 Fentanyl  crossing border is like a dirty bomb Click Here for Details

Gun Grabber

Dem’s Kamala Harris is looking to end your 2nd Amendment rights? Click Here for Details

End of the Free and Open Internet?

IS regulation and censorship the new internet? Click Here for Story

What A Schultz Run Means

Democrats are seeing a split Click Here for Details

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