Monday January 18, 2016

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Breaking News: Americans Kidnapped in Iraq

Several Americans are now missing and presumed kidnapped in Iraq Click Here for Story and Video

Obama’s EPA Knew About Flint Water

Midwest Head of EPA knew about Flint water issue in April 2015 Click Here for Story

Wasted Money?

AAATA expands then loses ridership Click Here for Details

Pity the Pollsters: Cellphones Complicate Fraught Process

In recent years, pollsters have wrestled with how to deal with the growing number of cellphone users. The problem is how to gather accurate polling data now that a majority (53 percent) of U.S. phone users have cut the cord to traditional landlines and depend solely on cellphones.  … more

Dem Debate

Click Here for Updates

Beck Apologizes to Trump

fake-trump-tweet   Beck re-posted a fake tweet showing Trump supported Obama in 2012 Click Here for Details

Rubio for Amnesty

Rubio says law abiding illegals can stay Click Here for Story

Are Iowa Polls Accurate?

  Quick look back to see history but is this a typical election year? Click Here for Details

Al Jazeera Shutdown

Glenn Beck discusses Al Jazeera America on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday, Jan. 15. (Image source: TheBlaze TV)  Beck says they’d have to pay him to take over the network Click Here for Story

Another Hidden Dem Debate

DNC chair moves Democrat debate to an even less convenient time Click Here for Details

Follow the Money on Iran Deal

  Iran buys 114 Airbuses from Europe after lifting of sanctions Click Here for Story

Wishful Thinking?

jeb  Jeb still thinks he can win nomination Click Here for Details and Video

More Outrage in Sweden

© Expressen TV15 Year old Swedish boy stabbed to death by migrant Click Here for Story

What Widows and Orphans?

State Dept makes admission on Arab smuggling cells and Al Qaeda in Mexico Click Here for Details

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