Monday January 25, 2015

Future Stars

Ann Arbor schools show off talent  Click Here for Details

  The deplorable conditions of some Detroit Public Schools’ classrooms that triggered a series of sickouts by teachers can’t be blamed on a lack of money. Detroit Public Schools per pupil funding is much higher than the state average. … more

Go Ahead, Run

Image result for michael bloomberg  Bloomberg would split the Dem vote Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

TPP Will Cost Jobs

New report shows net jobs lost so why are we doing another bad trade deal? Click Here for Story

Where Is Our Spy?

  American agent missing in Iran is still a mystery Click Here for Story

Trump Back on Top in Iowa

Latest poll puts Trump on top in Iowa Click Here for Story

Cartoons Won’t Teach Muslims Who Hate?

It’s not a matter of teaching decency, they just don’t think we deserve any better? Click Here for Details

Where Are Your Church Donations Going

Surprisingly some of your tithe may be importing refugees Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Duh? Pretty Simple But Not for Kerry

Image result for john kerry looking stupid  Secretary doesn’t understand why Hezbollah wants large numbers of rockets? Click Here for Details

Beck Prefers a Socialist to Trump?

Surprising Intolerance from Glenn Beck Click Here for Story and Video


Arguments against Trump positions turned on Cruz spokesman Click Here for Details

Protests Turning Violent in Europe

© Ruptly  Man has to pull rifle to de-escalate a pro-migrant rally Click Here for Story and Video

China Moving Rapidly with Technology

Hypersonic glider is moving along and could be dangerous Click Here for Details

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