Monday January 27, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Death of a Legend

Lakers star Kobe Bryant. NBA star Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash Click Here for Details

Still Spreading?

Fifth Case of Coronavirus in US Click Here for Story

No Debt, No Tax Hike: Michigan Can Add $897 Million To Road Budget Right Now

Legislators and governor just have to say ‘yes’

POTUS to Visit Metro Detroit Auto Supplier

A Dana Corp. facility in Warren to get Presidential visit Click Here for Details

All Out to stop the 2020 Re-Election of Trump

Democrat House Manager member admits what impeachment really is Click Here for Story

Could GOP Lose Texas?

Migration from liberal states as well as foreign immigrants make Texas a possible turnover state Click Here for Details

The Right Direction?

(Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images) Highest satisfaction rate for the country’s direction in years Click Here for Details

POTUS Was Right on Iran

Despite the MSM assertions, current and former military leaders say Trump is making the right decisions on Iran Click Here for Story

Chronic Liar

Adam Schiff cuaght in yet another lie about GOP Senators Click Here for Details and Video


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